Sunday, November 20, 2011

Solar-powered apostasy in Malaysia

We know those evil Christians just want to take over everything (I thought it was the Jews-ed.) and so this article from Malaysia proves that the followers of Jesus Christ mean innocent Malaysians all the harm in the world, through converting them away from the glorious and peaceful Islam by using any means possible. This new twist shows just how dangerous Christians are when in the process of conquering the innocent and gullible Muslims.

You knew that was sarcasm, right? In truth, Malaysia is in process of demonizing Christians to the point that they are fleeing, the end result being no more Christ disciples in Malaysia. Anything that can be hung on Christians to show their duplicitous ways will be so hung and this example merely reflects 21st century technology as the means to the end; 500 years ago it would have been a bound Bible instead of a solar-powered, digital hand-held talking version. I bet the voice was a female, too.

From The Malaysian Insider November 21 by Debra Chong

Hasan Ali: Muslims being converted by solar-powered talking bible

I danced to the Bee Gee's wearing a shirt like that back in 1977

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 — Evangelical Christians are using high-tech devices such as solar-powered talking bibles to proselytize to Malay Muslims in Selangor, state lawmaker Datuk Hasan Ali said today.

Hasan, who is in charge of the state’s Islamic affairs portfolio, said the state’s religious authority (Jais) had discovered that Christian missionaries were now spreading their gospel through technologically-advanced means apart from setting up welfare groups providing cash and other financial aid to single mothers and the destitute.

He added that Jais’s research showed Christian evangelists were spreading their faith to young Muslim students in free tuition classes and counselling sessions, besides distributing Christian pamphlets in public places, homes, universities and places that were ostensibly called “community centres” to carry out their evangelical work.

The ex-PAS state commissioner disclosed this in a written reply to a question from Umno-Sungai Burong assemblyman Datuk Mohd Shamsudin Lias.

According to a website called Book of Joe, the palm-sized radio-like device contains all the books in the New and Old Testaments and is fitted with batteries that will run for almost 10 hours before needing to be recharged, whether by the sun, a light bulb or a nine-volt AC adapter. It costs only US$99.95 (RM310).

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