Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ron Paul; the littlest idiot

Time and again Ron Paul shows his utter lack of credibility when it comes to American foreign policy and Islam. From his viewpoint it is all our fault, and if we were nicer everything would be fine and dandy. No concept of Islamic doctrine, the Qur'an, 1400 years of institutionalized prejudice or the precepts driving a few hundred million Muslims. Blaming America is not a speedbump on the Islamic road to conquest, it serves no interest except Paul's own to hear himself speak.

Those who tell us to trust what they say deserve no trust at all. Ron Paul knows very little about the Middle East and when he says to listen to him on that subject, my advice is to run quickly from the room.

From The Hill November 20 by Justin Sink

Ron Paul: ‘Flawed’ US policies led to 9/11

Ron Paul said that American policymakers were at least partially at fault for the country being attacked on 9/11 during a discussion of foreign policy on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday.

Paul argued that the American military presence in Saudi Arabia - rather than ideological differences or anger over American prosperity - were motivation for the September 11 hijackers.

May I suggest a reading of "The Al-Qaeda reader" by Raymond Ibrahim to see exactly the words spoken by Zawahiri and bin-Laden as the real explanation as to why they must fight us. Here's a hint; it has nothing to do with your claim.

"Just remember that immediately after 9/11, we removed the base in Saudi Arabia, our policies definitely had an influence," Paul said. "To argue the case they want to do us harm because we're free and prosperous I think is a very dangerous notion, because it's not true."

Host Bob Schieffer then pressed Paul on whether that wasn't the equivalent of blaming America for the attacks.

"If you have a flawed policy, that may have influenced it… that's a far cry from blaming America," Paul responded.

"So what you're saying is that it was the government's fault," Schieffer then said.

"I'm saying the policymaker's fault," Paul responded. "[They] contributed to it, contributed to it."

And just who do you think makes up the government, Paul? Jeez what an idiot!

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