Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt win first round of elections

It's official, although they are still finishing counting the ballots. The "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists are in control of Egypt.

May God help us all, especially the Copts and other non-Muslims, and including those Muslims seen as "not Muslim enough"

From ANSAmed November 30

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood in the lead, press

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO - The Muslim Brotherhood are the top party in Egypt according to the first reports by local press outlets. While vote counting continues for the uninominal part of the first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections, indications show that the Freedom and Justice party, which is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafi party coalition Al Nour are in the lead in six governorates, according to the daily paper Al Ahram. According to the daily Al Shouruk, Freedom and Justice raked in 47% of the votes while the secular and moderate Egyptian Bloc coalition received 22%. In the first round of voting, which ended yesterday, the residents of nine governorates cast their votes, including those in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Asyut and Port Said.

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