Monday, November 21, 2011

Nothing says tolerance like the murder of monks

Pattani in Thailand is a southern province beset with Islamic violence. Hundreds have been murdered there, no one is immune from the expansion of Islam via the sword (9-29).

More will die as the religion of peace continues to take the land promised to Muslims by Allah.

From The Nation November 21

Nine injured in Pattani violence, another killed in Yala

The monks from Wat Khajorn Pracharam, guarded by three policemen, were collecting alms when the three-kilogram bomb, hidden under a flowerpot near Nuch Laundry Shop was detonated by remote control and exploded when the group was about five metres away, said Muang Pattani Police Station Superintendent Pol Col Somporn Meesuk.

The wounded - Phra Jin Panichkul, 52, Phra Yongyuth Khaoborisut, 35, Phra Worapong Sutthipong, 54, Pol Cpl Thanom Khonwai, 29, Pol Cpl Kampanart Malawan, 28, Pol Cpl Prakarn Chedipeng, 26, as well as civilians Chat Suk-ubol, 72, Chid Suk-ubol, 70 and Yeun Sukhonkhet, 72 - were rushed to Pattani hospital. Police suspected the bomb was laid by insurgents with the aim of creating chaos in the region.

Pattani Deputy Governor Lertkiat Wongphopan later commented that the attack on monks and monk-protection officers reflected the insurgents' intention to attack symbolic targets and to discredit the Thai security force, as the incident took place on the route included in the security plan. They also wished to create disunity in this multi-culture society and attract public attention.

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