Friday, November 18, 2011

"All-American Muslim" cast interviewed on Anderson Cooper

The whitewash coming off this piece of propaganda could have painted the entire fence in Huckleberry Finn. It is nothing more than empty rhetoric positing itself as a real representation of Muslims in America.

Nawal, one of the women on the show tells the viewer that she does not want sharia in America and has no idea who the people are promoting this as she has never met them. Great, wonderful, fantastic Nawal, I am so glad you have never been in contact with "those" Muslims and disavow their beliefs.

Well done. Now what?

Just because we see Muslims in America acting, behaving and espousing the American way of life does not negate or diminish how Islam is defined today by it's leaders, or how it is practiced by some Muslims. We may indeed have nothing to fear from those portrayed on the show, but if we let ourselves believe every Muslim is exactly the way TLC portrays them then we open up the door to first identifying, and then ignoring the real Islamists and jihadists. I appreciate the idea that TLC came up with, they need to do a better job of giving the viewer as much context and perspective as possible. We need to be told facts, not a watered down and misleading show on Islam and Muslims in America.

From November 17

'This Is My Country... I Would Not Change It for the World'

On Thursday's show, Melanie, who started a Facebook page encouraging others to boycott the new TLC show “All-American Muslim,” tells Anderson that she thinks there are a lot of Muslims in the US who secretly want Sharia (Islamic) law in America.

Nawal, one of the stars in “All-American Muslim,” clarifies that she has no idea who these people are.

“I am sure they are out there, but I have never met them. I have no idea who these people are,” says Nawal. “I hear about them, trust me, I do, but I've never met them. And I've never encountered them. And I hope to never encounter them. I don’t want to see these people. I have nothing in common with these people. These people disgust me.”

What would you do if they came to power here and gave you two choices; follow Muhammad and the new caliphate or die? As a Muslim those would be your only choices. What would you do then, Nawal?

“Would any of you be interested or want to live under Sharia law in the United States?” asks Anderson.

"No, I love the laws of this land. I love the freedom. This is my country, and I would not change it for the world,” says Nawal.

What are you doing Nawal, if anything to distance and disavow yourself from the ideology that is being implimented, and are you working with law enforcement to actively root out any Islamists or jihadists from the mosque you attend? How about your family, do they make sure to know the good guys from the bad guys in the mosque?

Watch the video of the young Christian male explaining why he converted to Islam. Fascinating and scary.

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