Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicago: Anti-racist group beats up racist group and others who happened to be too close to the action

The Anti-Racist Action Group deemed it proper to express their displeasure at some who make disparaging comments about non-whites and other undesirables by taking batting practice using heads rather than balls.  The ARA says they are against racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia (what?) but are pro-choice.  Most groups who espouse this mission statement are usually peaceful and make change through the laws and courts rather than at the thick end of a Louisville Slugger.  The victims were the sworn enemies of the ARA evidently, they are the White Nationalists, who were having their 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit at the restaurant.  I guess the large table at Denny's was taken this year, so they met at Winstons Restaurant in Tinley Park just outside Chicago.  The ARA beat them there, along with innocents who were there to enjoy a bit of Irish food.  The ARA has this to say on their website, "ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism,  anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!"

I would say, at the least they have no class.

From Chicago Now May 20 by Richard Davis

Anti-Racist Action Group Beats Local Restaurant Patrons

While President Obama schmoozes and ooozes with the NATO delegates, and police and security works overtime to protect the VIPs who wander in to decide the fate of nations and the "little" people within, an attack in Tinley Park by a bunch of hoodie-clad thugs is going mostly under-reported by the Chicago media.
The Chicago media, long ago became transcribers for local politicians, have had a possible terrorist attack happen right in their own backyard, but...they do not care.   He is a report from New York media.  The Chicago Tribune is at least reporting on the allegation, but with no apparent curiosity about the ARA.
Saturday, May 19, 2012, at Winston's Restaurant, in Tinley Park, some fifteen miles south of McCormick Place and the important people, an attack was carried out by 12 to 18 thugs, who rushed into the restaurant with baseball bats and starting beating some of the patron silly.
At first, the group that claims responsibility, the Anti-Racist Action Group, focused on just one table, then decided that it wasn't enough to beat whom they consider their sworn enemies, but also other placid suburbanites who just happened to be enjoying the Irish fare served at Winston's.  When the owner of the restaurant took on one of the hoodie thugs physically, tackling him, he was beaten by five of the thugs.
Something didn't smell right, so a little research shows that the Anti-Racist Action Group is claiming credit of sorts on their web site.
And who were the alleged victims of the ARA?  Looks like it was a meeting of the White Nationalists, who were having their 5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and White Nationalist, yes, Meet and Greet.
Okay, suppose it is all true.  Suppose a bunch of nuts got whomped on.  Just who did the beating and why?  And does the ARA's views keep the story from being reported, as folks with these "enlightened" views are, supposedly, the "good" people?
If these are the "good" people in the eyes of the left, we are indeed in deep doodoo.
First they came for the "racists"...
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