Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saudi Arabia: man with "offended manhood" divorces wife during live radio talk show

I am sure some Western men would love to have the ability to divorce their wife as easy as it is in Islam.  Especially if it can happen in as detached a way as this man did while discussing his wife's indiscretions on a popular radio talk show.  The religious scholar's advice gave the man his out, sharia-wise and he took advantage of it.  No more insolent wife, and ratings for that day were through the roof.  A win-win for Islam.

From Al-Arabiya April 28

Saudi man divorces wife during live radio talk with religious scholar

A Saudi man accepted the advice of a prominent religious scholar on Saturday and divorced his wife during a live radio program tackling marital issues. 
The man phoned the program to complain to Sheikh Ghazi al-Shammari that his wife disobeyed him by travelling without his approval from the Saudi port city of Jeddah to the capital Riyadh for a business conference.
The unnamed man said his wife “offended his manhood.”
He told Shammari that before his marriage he had accepted his wife’s demands to work on condition that work would not interfere with their marital life.
Shammari advised the man to divorce his wife as a punitive measure for “committing such a mistake against her home and husband.”
The husband immediately heeded the advice and divorced her during the live program although Shammari advised him to remarry her if she repents.
Shammari told Al Arabiya that the man’s story was enough for him to issue the advice and stressed that he was convinced his advice was legitimate and not damaging to marital relations.
“The husband called me in my program this afternoon and told me that he was financially capable and did not want his wife to work and that he is having problems with her about this issue for more than 10 years and that he has been patient for long. But the issue has developed to the extent that she would travel without his approval,” Shammari said.
“He was surprised that she sent him a text message from the airport telling him that she was traveling alone... and this is why I advised him to divorce her because she was not obeying her husband, a matter that is very important in Islam.”
Nothing says tolerance and equality than reminding a man how his woman must obey him based on the rites and doctrine of the religion of peace.
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