Monday, May 14, 2012

The spoils of war willingly left to the Afghans by the British

The world financial situation is dire, austerity measures in place in a number of "first-world" countries, conflict escalating in the Middle East and Africa and in the midst of it all, Britain decides it will give to the Afghan military well over 1 billion in US dollar value of vehicles and assorted support material.  Usually, at the end of a war, the victor gets to claim their prizes and proudly take them home; spoils of war and all that.  This time it is us (the West) as the defeated, and as tribute to our new masters we gift them with a greater ability to kill and main.  All in the name of Allah, doncha know.  All that money down the drain and nothing to show for the waste.  Nothing at all.

From the Daily Mail May 11 by David Williams and Ian Drury

Our war legacy to Afghans: £1bn of military vehicles will be given to national army when British troops pull out

Gift: An armoured Land Rover - which the Afghans will be more than appreciative of
Armored Land Rover; just right for jihad

Military chiefs are planning to give armoured vehicles worth an estimated  £1billion to Afghan forces when it withdraws from Afghanistan in two years time.
Officials believe that more than half of the UK’s protected vehicles in the country will be left behind with the Afghan National Army and security forces rather than transported back to Britain.
Senior military sources have revealed that an initial review has identified that more than 1,200 protected trucks and personnel carriers are likely to be passed over to the Afghans in 2014.
Just 700 vehicles have been listed for  ‘recovery’ – return to the UK – and they are mainly the latest and most heavily protected, such as Mastiffs, Ridgebacks and Foxhounds as well as a number of Jackals. 
At present the Army has more than 1,900 protected vehicles in southern Afghanistan.
The Foreign Office, which directs operational policy in Afghanistan, has demanded that ‘significant equipment’ be passed to the Afghan National Army and Police so they can maintain security when the UK leaves.
The plan to leave 1,200 vehicles to the Afghans is the biggest inventory of equipment the British Army has ever left behind.
Among the most prized vehicles that will be left behind are a number of Wolfhound personnel carriers, some first generation Jackals, a weapons-mounted armoured patrol vehicle and a small number of heavily-protected Warthog all-terrain vehicles.
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