Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kuwait: lawmakers go over the leaders head and make sharia the official law of the land

Not that Kuwait is going the way of other "Arab Spring" countries, to say that would be just plain Islamophobic.

From the Kuwait Times may 18

Islamist MPs to go ahead with constitutional amendments

KUWAIT: Islamist lawmakers still plan to amend Article 79 of the Constitution with the aim of enforcing religious-oriented laws in Kuwait despite the country’s ruler’s recent announcement rejecting a proposed amendment to Article 79.

“The process of making laws comply with Islamic Sharia is ongoing through efforts made to discuss regulations that contradict with Sharia,” said Deputy Speaker Khalid Al-Sultan in statements published by Al-Rai yesterday. The statements come a day after front pages of local dailies carried headlines of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s disagreement to add a clause to Article 79, requiring that draft laws comply with the Sharia law after being passed by the Parliament and sanctioned by the Amir.

“HH the Amir’s observed that regulations in Kuwait already comply with Islamic regulations and are derived from the Constitution supporting Islamic laws,” said MP Badr Al-Dahoom of the Justice Bloc which proposed the aforementioned amendment. He added that the opposition will not thwart the bloc’s plans to proceed with a project to amend Article 2 of the Constitution, making Islamic Sharia the only source of legislation.

“The Justice Bloc is currently studying all laws in Kuwait to see if any article contradicts with Islamic Sharia so that we can propose an amendment,” Al-Dahoom said. “Islamization of laws will continue until it is time to propose Article 2 amendment."

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