Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everyone on the diversity reeducation train!

One employee makes a statement that Muslims blow things up, and everyone must go to reeducation camp to learn how to treat Muslims and to learn how Islam is a religion of peace.  This is how we are treating any conversation, statement or opinion about Muslims or Islam.  Soon you may not be able to read this blog because it insults Muslims.

The future is just over the horizon, and it looks pretty bleak.

From The Tennessean May 24 by Brian Wilson

Taxi inspector's comment about Muslims leads to diversity training recommendation

City officials on Thursday recommended sensitivity training for all city inspectors of taxis, limousines and wrecker services after one of them said in an interview that most of the city’s drivers are Muslim and “a lot of them blow up places.”

In a report released for the first time at the city’s Transportation and Licensing Commission meeting, Metro’s Department of Human Resources also confirmed allegations that inspectors had illegally carried firearms and police badges while on duty, giving motorists the impression that they were police officers.

No decisions were made based on the report, which the commission requested after city Police Chief Steve Anderson accused inspectors of using badges, guns and blue lights in the course of their work. The commission’s executive director, Brian McQuistion, had not seen the report before Thursday’s meeting.

But it confirmed much of what Anderson had alleged.

(...)The recommendation for sensitivity training for all commission employees, including McQuistion, stemmed from comments one of the inspectors made when he was interviewed.

“One inspector explained that they had 98 or 99 percent of foreign drivers and most were Muslim. He said they did not mind ‘taking you with them,’” the report said.

The same inspector told investigators that “a lot of them blew up places,” an unfounded allegation for which no evidence was offered.

Just Google Jihad and there you go.  Plenty of evidence.

Human Resources Department officials noted “a heightened anxiety” among the inspectors “due to the culturally diverse population that they deal with on a consistent basis.”

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