Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rapist and murderer sue over strip searches, say Islam forbids showing their "junk" to female guards

Ah yes, the new-found piety of Islamic converts has now made them modest and in need of privacy curtains, lest their jewels be viewed by infidel women.

Uh huh.

From Centre Daily May 2

2 Muslim men sue over PA. inmate strip searches
  Two Muslim men have sued the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections saying their beliefs were violated when they were strip searched at a western Pennsylvania prison in the presence of female staff and other inmates.
The Philadelphia-area men, 58-year-old Pearlie Dubose Jr. and 57-year-old Elwood Small say in their federal lawsuit filed in Johnstown that Islamic law "prohibits a man from exposing his genitals to anyone but his spouse." A corrections spokeswoman declined comment.
The Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown ( says prison officials allegedly denied the men's requests to be strip-searched in a private area or behind a portable curtain during the lockdown in October 2009 at the State Correctional Institution-Laurel Highlands.
Dubose has since been paroled after serving time for rape and other charges. Small is serving a life sentence for murder at the State Correctional Institution-Graterford.

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