Saturday, May 19, 2012

Syria: what we need is a new slogan

As the Islamists take control, they are worried that some slogans may be a bit too vitriolic, and present the wrong image.  I don't think changing their rallying cries are going to change anything except the confusion Western powers already have about the "Arab Spring."

A new color lipstick won't hide the pig underneath.

From IOL News May 18 by Khaled Soubeihi

Syria - Islamist slogans under criticism

The use of Islamist slogans by protesters during weekly on Friday demonstrations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime has triggered criticism among an already-fractured opposition.
Activists have been organising online polls on “The Syrian Revolution 2011” Facebook page since the beginning of the uprisings in March last year to pick slogans for demonstrations that usually take place after Friday prayers.
But slogans like “victory from God,” “God's Victory is near” and “armies of Islam, set us free,” have provoked criticism from many in the fragmented opposition, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood, nationalists, liberals and independents.
Syrian activist and journalist Kinan Ali said the use of religious slogans “shows that the opposition is bankrupt of political ideas.”
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