Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anti-semitic Tunisian imam in France has assets frozen

 Mohammed Hammami has said he believes women should be "whipped to death" for committing adultery.  And as sharia and the Qur'an says, women will be convicted of adultery when they are raped, or are seen in public with a man not related to her by blood or marriage.  Hammami is correct in his statement, but French authorities will not acknowledge that his belief is supported by Islamic texts and tenets as that would be Islamophobic.

From the Pakistan Observer May 10

France freezes assets of Tunisian Imam
Paris—The French finance ministry froze the assets of a radical imam from Tunisia who is under the threat of expulsion for anti-Semitism, an official announcement said. Mohammed Hammami, 76, has lived in France for decades and was accused in January by Interior Minister Claude Geant of making “violently anti-Semitic remarks” as well as calling for women to be “whipped to death” for adultery.Hammami was hospitalized in February for what his lawyer said was psychological and physical shock from the accusations and was unable to attend an expulsion hearing.

France expelled two Islamic radicals in April and was planning to deport three more as part of a crackdown announced after a gunman of Algerian decent killed seven people in the city of Toulouse.Gueant said an Islamist militant of Algerian origin who had previously been sentenced for his role in a 1994 Marrakech terrorist attack, was expelled for renewing ties in radical Islamic movements.

A preacher of Malian origin was deported for promoting anti-Semitism, advocating the full face veil and rejecting the West.

Meanwhile Imams from Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well as a suspected Tunisian militant, who called for the death of all those who deviate from Islam, were due to be expelled, an Interior Ministry statement said, adding that other expulsions would take place soon.—INP

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