Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dearbornistan: Muslims attack Christians during Arab festival, police harass Christians and threaten them with arrest and ticketing for causing a scene

Sharia is here, now, today.  If you think we are not slowly becoming the land of Allah, watch the video and see for yourself how the Dearbornistan police protected Muslims and upheld sharia law, while persecuting Christians and then, after running them off make a traffic stop where 12 officers decided to corral the Christians on the street and interrogate them.  Free speech is almost dead in Michigan, Muslims have free reign to do whatever they want with no penalty, and Christians are seen as the bad guys, harassed and persecuted for simply being Christian.  The Muslims in the crowd, including children are seen throwing all kinds of detritus at the departing Christians, including a milk crate and what look like eggs.  Police can be seen ignoring the riotous Muslims and when asked if they could provide two officers to help the Christians the police refused to do so.

My friends, this is a pivotal time in our history.  What you see in the video is not the beginning, but the continuation of Islamic conquest in the United States, which started on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  In crystal clarity we watch the police enforce sharia law by not holding the Muslims accountable for their actions, and at the same time subjugating Christians by removing their free speech rights and right of assembly.  This is jihad in Dearbornistan, plain and simple, an expression of Muslim superiority and further proof that even as not all Muslims condone this kind of behavior, those that agitate for sharia in the US are not challenged or questioned by their Muslim peers.  What we hear on the video is a local Muslim spokesman saying that the actions of the Christians goes beyond free speech and should be shut down, not that his Muslim brothers have taken their hatred of non-Muslims too far.  No one questions why this is, nor even seems to care it is happening.  Why?

The future of our country, and mankind as a whole is plunging headlong toward the abyss as Islam makes more inroads into the fabric of society.  There is no assimilation, no getting along, no tolerance and bridge-building in Islam, nothing to weave into Western civilization that would create a better and more peaceful world.  The crowd at the festival knows only hatred and intolerance and their children know this hate and intolerance by their parents actions and words.  Are we to stand by and let this kind of child abuse continue, or do we let it happen because Muslims are the "New Blacks" and cannot be seen as anything but a victim?  Our survival depends on being able to identify the black hats from the white hats, but with the attitude of our dear leaders, the media, apologists and pundits we have been sucker-punched into believing that there are no hats, only thousands of shades of grey, for which we should be eternally grateful.  After all, multiculturalism would never have gained a foothold if not for the parsing of societies into those subtle shades of grey.

I weep for Michigan, it will be the first state to be a Muslim state and I fear it will happen within my lifetime.  I weep for our country, as I watch it quicken towards its own demise under the cover of political correctness.  I shudder at the prospect of having to watch a Muslim delegation from Michigan choose a political candidate based in sharia law and what the Qur'an says.  For the first time ever, I truly fear for the future of my country.  I am reminded of the words of Robert Spencer, commenting on how Islam insists on it being above all, "When in a Muslim country you conform to Muslim norms.  In a non-Muslim country, you conform to Muslim norms."  It is in Michigan, it is coming to a city near you soon.

First they came for the Christians...

From Answering Muslims June 26

American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI
The Dearborn Saga continues.

There's no questioning the fact that Ruben Israel's group came to the Dearborn Arab Festival to provoke a response from Muslims. But their actions were protected by the U.S. Constitution. The violent response they received from Muslims, however, was illegal. Every bottle, rock, or milk crate thrown was an assault.

I'm no fan of Ruben Israel. Indeed, I'm appalled at some of his group's antics. Yet I can't help but think that the city has brought this on themselves. Why did Ruben Israel come to the festival? Because Dearborn Police started arresting Christians (myself included) for peacefully sharing the Gospel in 2010. Thus, Ruben's message is: "If you're going to start messing with Christians, you're going to have to deal with us."

And so the Dearborn Arab Festival has become a beacon for anyone who wants a confrontation with Muslims. If festival security hadn't started entrapping and assaulting Christians in 2009, and if Dearborn Police hadn't unveiled their strategy of arresting Christians in 2010, I doubt Ruben would have ever set foot in Dearborn.

The city is upset by all the attention they're getting. Perhaps it's time for the city to think about the sources of all the negative publicity: The American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the Dearborn Police Department, Chief Ronald Haddad, Prosecutor William Debiasi, Judge Mark Somers, and Mayor John O'Reilly. I have no doubt that if the City of Dearborn were to finally start taking responsibility for their misdeeds (instead of constantly portraying the city as the victim), the spiral they're caught in would eventually turn around.


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