Saturday, June 23, 2012

Islamic anti-semitism in Israel

Swastikas, Pro"Palestinian" slogans and Arabic graffiti adorned the outside of the temple in a village outside of Jericho, including praise for Muhammad.
Anti-Semitic Graffiti
Israel News Photo: Flash 90

Must have been a bunch of angry Presbyterians.  Couldn't have been anyone from the religion of tolerance, could it?

From Israel National News June 22 by Maayana Miskin

Praise for Mohammed on Synagogue Walls
Residents of the small agriculturalcommunity of Maor, east of Hadera, went to their synagogue Thursday for afternoon prayers and were appalled to find that it had been vandalized.

The vandals sprayed the walls of the building with the words of Muslim prayers, written in Arabic, and with praise for Mohammed, who Muslims believe was a prophet.

Police are investigating the incident.

Last month vandals desecrated the ancient synagogue in Naaran, next to Jericho. Jews who visited the site found swastikas and slogans in favor of “Palestine". The synagogue’s unique ancient musaic floor had been damaged.

MK Uri Ariel of the State Control Committee said the Jericho incident “proves that the only ones who are able to, and want to, defend Jewish holy sites are our security forces.” Ariel said he has asked officials to repair the damages immediately, and has asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to restore the area to Israeli control.

MK Michael Ben-Ari called on police to “treat the damage to a synagogue as if it had been a mosque.”

Interesting statement Ben-Ari makes, implying that he knows that Muslims demand, and get special treatment when it comes to their religious feelings.  He is right, but to say so would be Islamophobic.  

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