Friday, June 8, 2012

Jordan: Jewish tourists chased out of town with shoes and stones

Nothing says tolerance and respect than being pelted with shoes and rocks while being run out of town.  Being Jewish in a Muslim land has nothing to do with it, to say so is just plain Islamophobic.

From Algemeiner June 6

Jordanians Attack and Force Out Jewish Tourists

A group of Jewish tourists were attacked and forced out of the town of Kerak, in Jordan recently, after a local store owner noticed them wearing religious clothing.

“Salem Jeradat – who owns a grocery in the town – was surprised Sunday afternoon by a delegation of Jewish men and women who were wearing the clothing of religious Jews, which led him to throw his shoes at them,” writes Al Jazeera.

It was after this that local residents escalated the attack, forcing the tourists to leave.

“‘Then the people of the town immediately approached the group, threw shoes and stones, and kicked them out of town,” Jeradat told Al Jazeera. “The people of Jordan do not accept the Jews entering their homeland, and the Araba Valley treaty between Jordan and the Zionist entity does not represent us,” he said.

Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994, making the country one of two in the Arab world (Egypt) to have signed such an agreement with the Jewish state.

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