Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mali: teen mother and boyfriend lashed 100 times for "fornication"

As per sharia law, if you have sex outside of marriage you have sinned against Muhammad and Allah and will be punished, if you have a child out of wedlock the penalty could be death by stoning.  As long as sharia reigns supreme there will be more of this kind of barbarism.  But remember, sharia is completely compatible with Western concepts of liberty and freedom and we shouldn't resist it's implementation.  OK, nothing else to see here...move along now...

From the Telegraph June 21 by Mike Pflanz

Teenager lashed 100 times in Timbuktu for having child out of wedlock

The sentence was carried out on the orders of Ansar Dine, a militant Muslim organisation that has seized territory in the desert north of the West African country.

"People were watching it was like a show," said Mohamed Ould Babby, a local official.

"I was there, I saw the youths arriving at the square, I saw them being whipped, it is the first time I have seen something like that." The woman, who was three months pregnant, has another child with her partner but the couple is not married.

According to Ansar Dine's strict interpretation of Islamic laws, that means the pair have committed the crime of "fornication", which is punishable with 100 lashes.

An Islamic police official in the town said six other women who had had children outside of marriage would soon be "punished by Islamic law".

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