Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buddhists and Muslims clash in Myanmar, government declares state of emergency

When Muslims feel they have sufficient power they start to agitate, usually in the form of attacks and bombings.  In Myanmar (formerly Burma) the local Muslims are now in process of stirring trouble with the Buddhists, and despite the reputation of being peaceful, Buddhists can be as vicious and ruthless against their enemies as anyone.  Therefore we will see clashes of bloodshed and mayhem until either Muslims get what they want, or they are driven out.  The latter is unlikely as Islam has been a staple of the region for hundreds of years and is going nowhere.  Muslims will eventually get their way, as we are now seeing in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Indonesia....

From AP/Yahoo June 12

State of emergency declared for western Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar's president has declared a state of emergency in a western state where sectarian tensions between Buddhists and Muslims have unleashed deadly violence. He warned that if the situation spun out of control, it could jeopardize the democratic reforms he has been instituting since taking office last year.

It is the first time Thein Sein has invoked the measure since becoming president. A state of emergency effectively allows the military to take over administrative functions for Rakhine State, a coastal region that borders Bangladesh.

The move follows rioting on Friday in two Rakhine areas that state media say left at least seven people dead and 17 wounded, and saw hundreds of houses burned down. The unrest spread on Saturday and Sunday, though order was said to have been restored in the areas shaken by Friday's violence.

In a nine-minute speech televised nationally Sunday night, Thein Sein said that the violence in Rakhine State was fanned by dissatisfaction harbored by different religious and ethnic groups, hatred and the desire for vengeance.

"If this endless anarchic vengeance and deadly acts continue, there is the danger of them spreading to other parts and being overwhelmed by subversive influences," he said. "If that happens, it can severely affect peace and tranquility and our nascent democratic reforms and the development of the country."

The accounts in state media blamed Friday's rioting in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships on 1,000 "terrorists," but residents' accounts made clear they were Muslims. The unrest seemed to be a reaction to the June 3 lynching of 10 Muslims by a crowd of 300 Buddhists. The lynch mob was apparently provoked by leaflets discussing the rape and murder last month of a Buddhist girl, allegedly by three Muslim men.

The violence reflects long-standing tensions in Rakhine state between Buddhist residents and Muslims, many of whom are considered to be illegal settlers from neighboring Bangladesh. Myanmar's government does not recognize the Muslims in the area, who term themselves Rohingyas, as one of the country's national minorities. Although the basic problem is a local one, there is fear that the trouble could spread elsewhere because the split also runs along religious lines.

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Jay Knott said...

Does this story really conform to the theory defended on this site, that Muslims are always in the wrong, and all other religions are saintly?

Even Buddhists can commit crimes against others. Myanmar is the prime example.