Sunday, June 3, 2012

Qur'ans in schools would be "fantastic" says British Education Secretary

Yes it would, and it would be even better that the students are taught how to read it, provided instruction on context and meaning and given lessons on what it means in regards to its application to Muslims in today's world.  That won't happen, nor will the students be given any kind of truthful or accurate information on how the Qur'an influences so many Muslims actions.  I do give small kudos to Sec. Gove, his willingness to get the Qur'an into schools is admirable.

From The Telegraph May 25 by Christopher Hope and Andrew Hough

Schools could be sent copies of the Koran, Michael Gove says
The Education Secretary said it would be “fantastic” if a rich benefactor would support sending out copies of the Islamic holy text to schools.
Mr Gove has been an enthusiastic supporter of a current privately-funded scheme to send copies of the King James’ Bible to every state primary and secondary school in England.
Last week thousands of the books were sent out to mark the book’s 400th anniversary.
Asked in a radio interview if he would “consider sending out other important texts like the Koran”, he said: “Well if people wanted to put forward proposals to me, philanthropists or others, for distributing great books to school then fantastic.”
He told BBC Radio 4’s World at One: “I think the King James Bible is specifically important because it was the root of so many important changes in the life of this nation.

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