Friday, June 8, 2012

Ooh, are we in trouble now

Pakistan has called us to the carpet to demand we stop out drone strikes.  How about we stop the drone attacks when you stop supporting jihad and give back the land you stole from India.

From the BBC June 5

Pakistan summons US envoy over drone strikes

Pakistan's foreign ministry has summoned a senior US diplomat to lodge a formal protest over a series of drone strikes in its volatile tribal regions.

There have been eight drone attacks in Pakistan's north-western tribal territory over the past two weeks.

US officials say a strike on Monday targeted al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Abu Yahya al-Libi, but it is unclear if he was among 15 killed in the assault.

Pakistan's call for an end to strikes comes amid a rift with Washington.

It says that drone strikes represented a "clear red line for Pakistan".

Tension between the reluctant allies has been intensified by a dispute over Pakistan's closure of supply routes to Nato troops in Afghanistan, after a Nato air strike along the Afghan border killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistan's foreign ministry summoned Washington's deputy ambassador to Islamabad, Richard Hoagland, to "officially convey the government's serious concern regarding drone attacks in Pakistani territory".

A statement repeated the stance that drone strikes were "unlawful, against international law and a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty".

Many observers believe the attacks have been a means of applying pressure on Islamabad after a deal to reopen Nato supply routes fell through.

The BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Islamabad says that if it is confirmed that Abu Yahya al-Libi has been killed, Washington may feel vindicated.

But the news will not appease a large section of Pakistani society, for whom US drone attacks on their soil have become a source of considerable resentment...

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