Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Egypt: Christian students talk Christ to Muslim students, riots break out

One would think that with all the talk about rampant democracy and emerging secularism in Egypt the conversation between Christian and Muslim could now be done in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance.

Boy am I wrong.

From the Egypt Independent June 6

Sectarian fights over proselytizing injure 12 at Assiut University

Clashes broke out Saturday between Muslim and Coptic students in the Assiut University women’s dorms after a Coptic student reportedly proselytized Christianity to Muslim students, leaving 12 students and supervisors injured.

A Coptic law student had distributed proselytizing leaflets and booklets in university dorms with her friend, an engineering student, a security source said.

The booklets they handed out were titled “The Lord invites you” and “Salvation Ship.” They also gave pictures of some Christian figures to Muslim students in their rooms and in the building’s study hall. The law student also encouraged them to convert to Christianity.

These actions raised the ire of Muslim students,” the security source said.

Yet if Muslims try to convert Christians there is nary a peep of protest.  I wonder why that is...

The students and supervisors who were injured were trying to resolve the dispute, the source said. They sustained injuries to their heads.

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