Friday, June 8, 2012

Minnesota: Muslims walk off job after dress code changes

The safety of workers is paramount at a workplace, and after an accident where the long skirts worn by Somali Muslim women got caught in a boot-washing machine the dress code policy was changed to reduce the danger and increase safety.  Feeling that Islam had been insulted more than 30 walked off the job claiming their religious beliefs were being trivialized.  The offended workers have contacted Hamas-linked CAIR and the ACLU to press their demands that an American business bow to Islamic demands.  Welcome to creeping sharia.

From MyFoxTwinCities June 6

New skirt length policy prompts Muslim walk-out at Minn. business
LE CENTER, Minn. (KMSP) -More than 30 Somali employees walked out in protest of dress code changes at a privately-owned business in Le Center, Minn.

The former employees of Dianne's Fine Desserts claim a new uniform policy was instituted to force them off the job because of their Islamic beliefs.

The owner of the bakery, Mike Knowles, told the Faribault Daily News a woman's long dress recently got caught in a boot washer and the new guidelines were instated over safety concerns.

Knowles, who bought the business just 11 days before the accident, said the company leaders went out of their way to try to work with the Somali Community. Originally, they had recommended knee-high skirts but later agreed to boot-high or mid-calf skirts before making the policy public at a meeting on Friday.

On Monday, many devout women reported back to work in their full-length attire, saying the new dress code conflicts with their religious beliefs. They were then given the option adjust their skirt lengths or leave.

Eleven women walked out and were joined by about 20 Somali men.

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