Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anti-Israeli bus ads OK, anti-jihad ads, not so much

Pamela Geller has been at the forefront of getting mass transit systems, especially in NYC, to balance their anti-Israel ads with anti-jihad ads.  So far, she has been able to stave off the censorship and divisive comments and get some ads to run.  Here we see another successful attempt to run ads which are, at the least are misleading, and at worst out and out lies.  Another fight is brewing, look at both ads and see which one you would prefer to run.

I am always disappointed that the false history of the "Palestinian" people has become mainstream truth when there is no historical record of any claims.  No archaeological evidence at all to indicate a "Palestine" or an indigenous people, yet there it is, a fake Palestinian homeland stolen from the Jews by way of the Arab League, Hamas, the PLO and Western ignorance of history.  The maps above are greatly misleading, they do not show the 97% of land that they were supposed to get as their home (most of Trans-Jordan and a small part of Southern Syria) so the impression is that Israel has taken the little land the poor refugees were depending on to live in peace.  Subtle anti-semitism in the guise of protecting and supporting the "victim" of Jewish aggression.

It is Islam that is the problem, not Israel or Jews.

From Atlas Shrugged July 12


Back in 2011, AFDI/SIOA submitted pro-Israel ads to run on New York's subway platform to counter an anti-Israel ad campaign that was running in NYC's subway stations. They were summarily rejected. Our pro-Israel ad was the only ad ever rejected by the NYC Transit authority in the past 15 years.

We filed a lawsuit back in September of 2011. On April 3rd, we went to court to fight for our first amendment rights. Judge Paul Engelmayer still has not issued his ruling. But the anti-Israel ads go up without interference.

I have contacted CBS Outdoor to run our pro-Israel ads on Metro-North. I have not heard back as of yet.

Ad Campaign Showing Dwindling Palestinian Territory Deemed ‘Anti-Israel’ By Jewish Leaders

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A seemingly endless debate over politics, religion and territory is coming to a train station near you

An explosive ad about Israel is now igniting a firestorm of controversy.

The display shows shrinking Palestinian territory in Israel over the years and refers to 4.7 million Palestinians there as refugees.

The ads are appearing in 50 Metro-North stations.

At the train station in White Plains, the politically-charged ad was raising eyebrows.

“That’s quite amazing if you ask me,” one man told CBS 2′s Scott Rapoport.

Some Jewish leaders said they were concerned.

“I think the ad is very offensive, it’s certainly offensive to Jews,” said Dovid Efune, the the editor of the Jewish newspaper “The Algemeiner.”

Efune said the ad is anti-Semitic.“It paints Jews as aggressors, as imperialists, as people that are stealing or taking land from others,” Efune said.

Henry Clifford, the chairman of a group called the Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine, spent $25,000 of his own money on the ads.

“The Palestinian people have lost most of their homeland and the map shows exactly what is happened to them,” Clifford said.

When asked what he hopes to get out of the ad campaign, Clifford responded by saying he wants to “educate people.”

“Simply to open their eyes and let them see what has happened on the map,” he said.

The advertisements have caught the eye of commuters in White Plains as well.

“I thought it was all settled back in the 1970s with the 6 Day War,” one man responded.

“My reaction is why is there an anti-Israel ad sitting here at the train station?” asked Cliff Argintar, of Hoboken, N.J.

Efune is calling for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to take the ads down. However, the MTA said it doesn’t restrict ads on the basis of viewpoint and while it doesn’t endorse the ad, the posters will remain up.

Liars. Why did they reject our pro-Israel ads? Because it was demeaning to savages.

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