Sunday, July 22, 2012

Qur'ans used to smuggle drugs, no riots or explosions of outrage planned

Interesting turn this time.  In the past, a cartoon would cause riots and killing.  Alleged toilet-flushing of a Qur'an starts the destruction.  Inadvertent burning of Qur-ans in Afghanistan brings about pillaging and calls for death.  A pastor in America threatens to burn a Qur;an and the worlds Muslims get all snippy, yet in this case not a peep, no outrage of any kind by Muslims at Muslims who would dare desecrate the Holy Qur'an in such a way.

Selective outrage, folks. Remember this the next time Muslims take umbrage over something similar.

From July 19

Of drugs concealed in the port of Nador Qurans
Of drugs concealed in the port of Nador Qurans 
Approximately 200,000 capsules of drugs hidden in toast and more than ten kilograms of heroin hidden in 30 Korans, were seized Sunday by the Moroccan authorities on board a vehicle that was leaving the port of Nador to Spain .                              

The drug was discovered in the vehicle of a mother of Moroccan family traveling with her ​​four children. The family had to deliver the drug in Spain on behalf of a family member residing also in the Iberian Peninsula.

The latter would have convinced him to import the drug and sell it in Spain, in order to overcome their financial problems. During questioning, the family said to be strongly affected by the crisis since 2008 in Spain, report the information site Nador City .

Fear and hesitation of the 25 year old son who was driving the car, became suspicious customs officials who ordered the search of the vehicle.

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