Monday, July 30, 2012

Troopathon 2012; another success

Troopathon 2012
You probably saw this logo in the upper right corner of the blog that asked for troop support.  We did this last year and again this year, and even as I did not have a chance to publicly announce that we were doing this again for 2012, you, the readers seemed to already know the importance of the program and decided to donate.  Even with the short notice, our team "The Anti-Jihadists" headed by Spencer and Geller came in third in total donated amount.

Here is a note from Danny Gonzalez of;

To: Dr. Spencer, Ms. Geller, Barry, Cao, Ralph and the whole Anti-Jihad crew,
Thank you guys so much for helping out with Troopathon AGAIN this year. We are almost up to our goal of $400,000 for the troops. Fundraising was tough this year, but I think we got lucky with a few really big donors who stepped up and made some very generous donations.

Thank you guys for helping us reach as big of an audience as we could. I am sorry that the blogger competition got started so late this year, we just got really busy and we have cut down on staff here, so everyone’s hands were a little more burdened with tasks this year. I hope that you can forgive me and next year we will do better!

Congratulations you guys won third in the competition! I have attached a graphic to sport on your websites if you wish. Last year we did a ‘trophy’ type looking thing. This year with the Olympics coming up, I thought the idea of doing medals would be cool. We hope you like them! Thanks again!

And a quick note from Pamela Geller;
Great work, guys.

Thanks to all, together we make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Which branch of our military did you serve in, Barry Sommer?

Barry Sommer said...

I did not serve in the military, the year I turned 18 was the last year of the draft and my number was not close for me to be called. I assume your question is geared towards discrediting my support of our military by showing how much the hypocrite I am, right?