Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More "green on blue" violence in Afghanistan

Green on blue violence means an attack by Afghan security forces against American/British/non-Islamic soldiers.  Dozens have been murdered so far, and the administration does nothing but keep sending more money.  A brilliant strategy...for our enemies that is.

From the New York Times July 2 by Matthew Rosenberg

Three British Soldiers Killed by Afghan Officer
Afghan security troops-which one is the next killer?

KABUL, Afghanistan — A member of a highly regarded Afghan police force opened fire on British soldiers during an argument, killing three of them as they left a meeting with local elders in southern Afghanistan, Western and Afghan officials said Monday.

Afghan soldiers and police officers have attacked their American and allied counterparts with increasing frequency in recent years. The assaults, once rare, have become common enough that they are widely referred to here, in shorthand, as“green on blue” attacks.

Officials from the NATO-led coalition blame personal differences, not Taliban infiltration, for most of the violence. Some fear that the distrust sown by such attacks is undermining a pillar of the Western exit strategy: preparing Afghan forces to fight on their own by pairing them closely with coalition troops.

Personal differences; Islamic norms vs Western ideals.

Afghan police officers or soldiers have killed 26 coalition service members this year, compared with 35 in all of 2011, according to the coalition.

The latest shooting took place on Sunday in the southern province of Helmand, where the bulk of British forces in Afghanistan are based with a large number of American Marines.

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