Saturday, July 7, 2012

Germany: youth detention centers now ban pork so as not to offend Muslims

Never mind that there are others in these facilities that want and enjoy pork, since Muslims want it banned, so be it.  Remember that when in a Muslim country you must conform to Muslim norms, and when in a non-Muslim country you must conform to Muslim norms.

Got it?  Good.

From PI-news June 22

Berlin: No Pork in juvenile detention

In the Berlin youth detention Institution Lichtenrade, where last year 1167 adolescent offenders were housed, no more pork is served. Reason: 70% of the detainees are Muslims. Ironically, the Islamic SPD deputy Erol Özcaraca now wants to fight against the ban on pork.

The "Berliner Kurier" reported :

Acid-cucumber-time cons: In the youth-detention facility in Lichtenrade is no pork on the menu. For the SPD, this is a huge mess.

The parliamentary commissioner for law enforcement, Erol Özcaraca made a flying visit recently to the Institute on Kirchhainer dam. It also complained some "fruit" on the menu. Neither liver sausage and bacon, they're getting.Özcaraca the COURIER: "I think it's wrong. The rights of adolescents are limited. I would feel discriminated against. "

The judiciary of the Senate confirms the pork-enactment.Spokeswoman Lisa Jani: "70 percent of the prisoners have a migration background. Do not eat pork for religious reasons. "

It also said there was a high turnover, the judicial officer.Some young people were housed for several weeks and days, others only on weekends. As would be worth no special favors. So there's a regular poultry, beef, salads and vegetables.

That in Berlin prisons are only served by Islamic rite geschächtete animals seems to be only a matter of time given the assignment ...

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