Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More busy work in Iran: the morality police close down cafes and coffee shops as being "Un-Islamic"

When you cannot do anything productive with your country or its people, you resort to this kind of mindless enforcement as a way to show you are doing something worthwhile.

Coffee Shop Culture "... has been criticised by conservative Iranians who consider it a cultural imposition from the West and incompatible with Islamic values."  Well of course it is, if it is in any way connected with the evil West.  Taking responsibility for their own behavior has nothing to do with their behavior, it is the fault of the West...always.

From EuroNews July 15 by Yeganeh Torbati 

Iran shuts down coffee shops in morality crackdown

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iranian police shut down dozens of restaurants and coffee shops over the weekend, Iranian media reported, in a renewed crackdown on what the state sees as immoral and un-Islamic behaviour.

Regular officers and members of the “morality police” raided 87 cafes and restaurants in a single district of the capital Tehran on Saturday and arrested women for flouting the Islamic dress code, according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA).

“These places were shut for not following Islamic values, providing hookah to women, and lacking proper licenses,” said Tehran police official Alireza Mehrabi, according toISNA. Women are not allowed to smoke hookah, water pipes, in public.

Mehrabi said the raid came as part of a plan to provide “neighbourhood-oriented” security, and would continue in other parts of Tehran.

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