Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The difference between Western religious pluralism and Islamic intolerance

Here are two disparate observations on the same topic: differences between Western religious freedoms and Islamic dogma.

First, from KARE11 July 8 by Renee Tessman

New Islamic Community Center opens in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Minn. - Muslim families in the west metro suburbs now have a new place of worship.

They celebrated the grand opening of the NorthWest Islamic Community Center in Plymouth on Saturday.

Nausheena Hussain said, "It's really exciting to see the community come out and support it and it's not just for Muslims. There are a lot of neighbors here, a lot of our interfaith partners, so it's really, really just an exciting time for us."

Hussain felt Saturday's celebration was important because last year, she said, "we were fighting to get this establishment put up."

Despite some neighborhood opposition, the Plymouth City Council gave its approval to the center last August.

Mateen Ali, a Northwest Islamic Community Center board member said, "Overall the support was really great but there were a few people they did not understand what we were doing so we had to explain to them that we live here this is part of our community I live 3 miles from here I grew up here went to school here my kids go to school here so we needed a place of our own."

And the other side of the tolerance coin...
From TheStar July 16

Temple in Golden Triangle told to vacate
KUALA Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has given the Sri Muniswarar Kaliyamman temple committee five days to vacate the premises to make way for a new development project, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Hindraf information chief S. Jayathas, representing the 30-man temple committee, urged the developer to incorporate the century-old Hindu temple in the project in Bukit Nanas instead of asking the temple to relocate.

“The temple, located in Jalan Tengah, off Jalan P. Ramlee, is sited on DBKL reserve land and is the only temple for Hindus within the Kuala Lumpur business zone, also known as the Golden Triangle,'' he said.

Jayathas added that the temple should be saved from demolition and given the land title.

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