Friday, July 13, 2012

Misssouri: Secretary of State candidate says no Jews died on 9-11

It's true...anyone can run for office and say anything to get elected.  This, however is more than just the rantings of an upcoming politician; after all we have heard the lies and distortions long enough to know when the hot air is spewing.  To say that there were no Jews at the WTC on 9-11 is part of the truthers agenda, and one I do not buy into, but obviously MD Alam believes in the conspiracy and wants everyone else to know it, too.


From Algemeiner July 10

Missouri Politician Claims No Jews Died on 9/11

MD Alam is running for Secretary of State in Missouri and heads the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, a group sponsored by the Democratic National Committee. Alam also believes no Jews died during the attacks of 9/11 and has made statements that infer Jews were involved in the attack itself.

“Why [was] 9/11 was a official holiday for all Jewish people who worked in the the WTC?” Alam said in a discussion titled, “Was 9/11 a conspiracy??”

Asked earlier this week about this statement, Alam reaffirmed his position.

“My question was, ‘What’s the reason not a single Jew was killed on that day,’” Alam said, according to the Washington Free Beacon. “Was there a single Jew killed on that day?”

Despite public remarks from the State Department that show hundreds of Jews died as a result of al-Qaeda’s attacks on U.S. soil in 2001, Alam continues to purport that no Jewish victims perished on 9/11.

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