Monday, October 15, 2012

American Pride at 128,000 feet

Felix Baumgartner is an American hero, no doubt about it.  There will be many who can only denigrate and disparage his feat, but there can be no argument about the feat accomplished.  Even though this site focuses on the trouble with Islam, I did want to take a moment and encourage all of usd to give a little prayer of thanks for a job better than well done.  It is this spirit that is the epitome of the human spirit and what can be accomplished when there are no barriers to the expression of the heart.  Felix Baumgartner is what we all should strive to be; courageous, dedicated, humble, respectable and selfless.

I tip my hat to you sir.  You are my hero.

From the Guardian October 14

Felix Baumgartner makes record-breaking skydive from space – video

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