Tuesday, October 30, 2012

British anti-jihadist Tommy Robinson wrongly jailed, abused, call goes out for help and support in his fight against Islamic supremacism

A warrior on the front lines of jihad, Tommy Robinson has had his share of controversy, now his life is as stake and support from all corners is needed to protect in this a time of trial and terror.  Below is the continuing story, if you can help please do.  Prayers are always welcome and helpful, if that is what you can contribute.

Support freedom and the right of free speech for all humans.  Without it we are at the mercy of theological tyrants.

From Atlas Shrugs October 28 by Pamela Geller

Many of you have responded to my article "Darkness Descending in England" by asking how to help. Legal funds are badly needed. Tommy's situation in prison is terrible, and they urgently need to raise funds to pay lawyers to address this situation and provide him with the best possible legal defense.
Donations to Tommy's legal fund can be made online via the EDL website here. Please, do it. SION as well as AFDI are contributing, in addition to all of the other work we are doing, This is a priority. Robinson and Kevin Carroll are part of our international team, members of SION's President's council, key players in the worldwide struggle for freedom.
Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon), leader of the anti-sharia English Defence League (EDL), is the UK’s most high profile prisoner of conscience. It seems that he is being treated differently as a result of his political profile. This does not just refer to his imprisonment but also to the way the British state is treating him now it has him in its power.
Following an international outcry he was moved from a dangerous part of Wandsworth Prison. However, it now appears that he is being denied his basic rights for politically motivated reasons.
We have received the following information from a reliable source concerning Tommy’s present circumstances:
1. He is still in the same clothes he went to prison in.
2. They are refusing to allow him clean/ fresh clothes — family members took clothing in but they would not allow it to be handed over.
3. He has received no mail or money from anyone and he knows his wife gave in a postal order for a large amount whilst visiting.
4. He is being refused all privileges.
5. With no money he cannot purchase razors, food etc. and is having to eat the slops provided.
6. He was arrested with £90 but at the prison when asking for his money he was told he didn’t have any. Where has this £90 gone?
We urge all concerned party members and supporters to write to their MPs seeking assurances that Tommy is being allowed his basic entitlements, especially mail which allows him to keep in contact with the outside and to know that he has support around the world (see Berlin video below).
You can contact your MP quickly and easily online at

Thank you for your support.

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Jay Knott said...

I despise the EDL and its Islamophobic message. But... unlike the myopic useful idiots of the left, I think one should defend anyone's freedom against state repression.