Thursday, October 18, 2012

Islamic hatred in Dearbornistan; Israeli flags draw assault, police detain flag-flyer

This is not the America I learned in school, or the ethics I was taught by parents and society at large.  We truly are at the brink; a Muslim student assaults a driver, police see it happen, and interrogate the driver because his Israeli flags were stirring trouble.  It's not the fault of the student, reacting with hatred and physical violence, but the one who dares fly a flag of the enemy of Muhammad.  Through 1400 years of inculcated hatred we see it manifested in the raging face and thuggish behavior of a high school student, supposedly American high school student, acting in accordance with the texts and tenets of Islam.  We may have indeed lost Dearborn(istan), and if that is so then that is where the spread of sharia and fundamental Islam in the US will ooze from.

From Blazing Cat Fur October 15

Video: Dearborn Fordson High School Israeli Flag Incident
I received the film this morning. It is evident that the reader decided to conduct a social studies experiment and see what sort of reaction Israeli Flags would provoke among the students at Fordson High in Dearborn Michigan. He wasn't disappointed. The mere sight of the flags resulted in a violent response from these "All American High Schoolers".

In his own words....

On 9-14-2012 Dearborn Fordson High School principal called the police on me for driving with 2 Israeli flags on my truck.

The Dearborn police were one car behind me when this student threw a bottle on my windshield. The police did not stop the student, but instead stopped me for 30 minutes asking me why I would display Israeli flags on my truck.

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