Saturday, October 27, 2012

The horror of Gaza under Israeli occupation

We hear the stories and do not want to believe what we hear.  How the refugees suffer greatly under the heel of those evil Zionists.  The concentration camp atmosphere and lack of basic services.  The squalor and deprivations are unmatched except in the context of Nazi Germany.  We hear this, and yet we also have this video below.  A tourist film from 2011, touting the joys and fun of a vacation to Gaza.  Amazing that with all their hardship at the hands of the Jews they still find time to but gold and take their kids to the local amusement park.

From the American Thinker October 26

Gaza - It May Not Be What You Think...

Gaza has everything for your next vacation -- beaches, kids attractions, fine dining, shopping malls, open markets and more...

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