Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flammable flags flame fanatics firelight

Making 500 an hour, and all guaranteed to burn.

What a country.  Pakistan, I mean.

From AGI October 3

Feel the Love, Islam Style

US "inflammable" flags sold out in Pakistan

(AGI) Islamabad - In Pakistan, the US flags are a hot item. In fact, they are burned by the thousands in protest against the movie on Mohammed. The student wing of the Shiite party Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen, for example, has stated that in the most active days of protest reached a pick production of 500 per hour. That same group has produced a US flag 500 meter long and 60 meter wide, that will be displayed in the near future on a Lahore street, ready to be walked upon by the protesters. The anti-US demonstrations continued during the whole month of September and caused over 20 deaths. Warranted to be flammable, every Stars and Stripes fetches between 120 and 1500 rupees (1-12 euros), but often the parties and the various religious movements buy entire stocks to be distributed to the protesters. . .

Why do the words flammable and inflammable mean the same?  Just wonderin...

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