Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tanzania: we have a moderate Muslim!

Vice President Mohamed Gharib Bilal warns Muslims and imams that hate speech which stirs violence against non-Muslims will not be tolerated.  His voice is a rare bird in an aviary full of predators, and should be encouraged.  Unfortunately he has as much chance getting his message across as he does dying from a jihadist's bullet.  Let's hope the former dictates his future and his message falls on less than deaf ears.

From All Africa October 27 by Amina Juma

Tanzania: VP Warns Clerics Over Hate-Speech

Moshi — THE Vice-President Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal has called on religious leaders to continue preaching peace, love and unity and warned those inclined to preach hatred to stop it henceforth, saying any breach of peace would cost the nation dearly.

Addressing Eid-El-Hajj Baraza at Jihad Mosque in Vuchama, Mwanga district in Kilimanjaro region yesterday, the Vice-President said the recent violence that erupted in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam was a result of unnecessary hate-speeches made by some Muslim clerics.

"For many decades, Tanzania has not witnessed religious-motivated conflicts. This will not be allowed to happen again. Worshippers need to know that conflicts resulting from trivial issues like fighting for ownership of a mosque are uncalled for. Chaos taints the good image of the worshippers," Dr Bilal said.

He stressed that the government would take appropriate measures against the perpetrators of violence, saying it is easy to break peace but very costly to restore it. Dr Bilal reminded the faithful to read carefully the Holy Quran and treasure its many verses which teach about peace and unity and implored religious leaders to use the scripture to talk about peace instead of hatred.

"Our elders cherished peace and unity. They did respect individual's faith. It is now our turn to pass the good deeds to the future generations..."

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