Friday, October 19, 2012

Qatar: blasphemy law initiative to be presented to UN

Even as the OIC recently said they would not push for blasphemy laws due to the tough stance from the West, Qatar would now seem to be the point man for continued pressure to have an international blasphemy law passed through the UN.

From ANSAMed October 19

 Islam: Qatar designs a law against offending religions

(ANSAmed) - Rome, October 19 - The Qatari Justice Minister is designing a law that would ban attacks on or offenses to religion. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to create an international law with the help of the United Nations. News of the minister's plan was reported on Friday by the Doha Gulf Times.

"In recent years, there have been insults and offenses against religion through drawings, films and other means. Thus we have taken the initiative to create a legislative instrument on an international level to protect the sacredness of all religions. The draft will be presented at the United Nations," declared Qatari Justice Minister Hassan bin Abdullah al-Ghanem.

Only Islam reacts to insults with murder and violence.  Blasphemy laws will apply only to Muslims, and only Muslims will use the laws to stifle any speech which questions any aspect of Islam or Muslim behavior, thus allowing an easier path to conquest and subjugation.

The Qatari minister is collaborating with the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) on making religious offense considered a crime abroad as well as at home.

"Offenses to religion shake the foundations of stability in the world and put world peace at risk," said Yousuf Qaradawi, president of IUMS. Every religion has its sacred elements. In the case of Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed are sacred, and any attack automatically sparks undesirable consequences, Qaradawi explained. "It is impossible to contain the spontaneous rage of a mass insulted by an offense to their religion," Qaradawi added.

Multiple threats noted, Qaradawi.

Qatar's initiative comes on the heels of violent protests throughout the Islamic world - particularly in the Arabic regions - against the American- made, anti-Islamic film, "Innocence of the Muslims". Even in Doha, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the United States embassy in a peaceful protest, which nevertheless saw many wave black banners and chant for jihad, the fight for Islam.

Another initiative is also being undertaken in Doha to appease spirits. The cinematic company AlNoor Holdings recently announced that it will produce a trilogy on the history of the Prophet Mohammed with the explicit goal of showing the Occident the true image of Islam.

Showing soon at Sundance Film Festival.

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