Sunday, October 7, 2012

Afghanistan: cleric offers $300K for the head of anti-jihad film maker

First a Pakistani member of the parliament offers $100K, then ups it to $200K for the death of the movie producer.  Now Afghanistan puts its dog in the ring, hoping there will be enough money to get someone to avenge the insult to Muhammad and Islam.

How weak does your religion have to be in order to offer up money for the death of anyone who insults you or your God?

From Khaama Press October 7 by Sadaf Shinwari

Afghan cleric offer $300k bounty on Anti-Islam filmmaker

An Afghan religious cleric announced $300,000 bounty to kill the producer of the American film which insulted prophet Muhammad.

This is the first time Afghan religious clerics jointly announce bounty in a bid to defend insulting the Islamic values.

Anti-Islam film sparked deadly protest across the Muslim countries and the producer of the film was widely criticized for desecrating the Islamic values.

A number of Afghan religious students, clerics and members of the civil society following a demonstration urged to arrest and try the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

Mir Farooq Hussainy a religious cleric in western Herat province of Afghanistan vowed to offer bounty for killing the producer of the Anti-Islam film.

He said the bounty will be collected from the local traders and investors of western Herat province.

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