Sunday, October 7, 2012

Popsicle Jihad

I can't make this stuff up.

From BikyaMasr October 4 by Joseph Mayton

Egypt Salafists attack schoolgirls, tell them no to popsicles

CAIRO: Two bearded ultra-conservative men in Egypt attacked four elementary schoolgirls walking down a street eating ice popsicles. The men knocked the popsicles from the girls hands and began yelling at them.

They told them to stop eating the popsicles and go home, witnessed. The girls, shocked at what was happening, stood frozen in their movement.

The two men continued their yelling, telling them to be “modest.” The girls began to cry.

A group of men across the street watching the incident were quick to enter the fray, pushing the two men away and kicking them as a yelling match ensued.

One of the men, protecting the girls, continued to shove the two men until they were heading in the opposite direction.

The incident on Thursday highlights the growing influence Salafists, or Islamic puritans, are attempting to have on the streets.

Many women have reported incidents of conservatives in Egypt attempting to force their will on them across the country, attacking them for their “immodesty.”

And all this happening amidst the emergence of the new, secular and democratic Egypt.  Well, that's what Obama tells us, isn't it?

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