Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mali: Barbarians at the gate

But whatever you do, don't call them savages.

From IOL October 18 by Serge Daniel

Mali Islamists ‘getting more barbaric’

The Islamists who have seized control of Mali's desert north are growing increasingly brutal as they impose sharia on the region, even as they violate the strict Muslim law themselves, say fleeing residents.

“They are really getting more and more barbaric. They kill, they rape, and no one does anything to stop them,” a student named Oumar told AFP after arriving in the capital Bamako on Wednesday on a bus from the north-eastern town of Gao.

“They forced my sister into marriage, then a month later her husband divorced her. These barbarians get married to have a good time and when they're done, they throw the woman away,” he added.

“How can a man of God have six wives?” he asked - two wives more than the number allowed by the Qur’an. According to Oumar, women who have fled forced marriages with Islamist fighters have said the men do not wear condoms, which he said worried him because they were likely to spread Aids through the region.

Once considered one of Africa's most stable democracies, Mali has descended into chaos since a March 22 coup that overthrew the government of president Amadou Toumani Toure.

A series of Islamist groups including al-Qaeda's north African branch capitalised on the power vacuum to seize the country's vast desert north, an area larger than France.

For more than six months, the Islamists have been imposing sharia on areas under their control, arresting unveiled women, stoning an unmarried couple to death, publicly flogging smokers and amputating suspected thieves' limbs, according to residents and rights groups.

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