Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gaza: 3 executed according to "religious law"

I wonder what religion they were using to execute the three men?  Baptists?  Pentecostals?  Those pesky Mennonites?

Um, could it be the religion of peace, Islam?

Naa, couldn't be...

From the Jerusalem Post April 7

Hamas executes 3 in Gaza, including 'collaborator'

Hamas forces executes Majdi Mikkawi [file]
Ready...aim...Allahu Akbar!!!

Hamas executed three men on Saturday, hanging two convicted murderers and a Gazan found guilty of collaborating with Israel, the Hamas-run ministry of interior said.
It did not name the men and gave few details of the allegations against them, but said one of trio was convicted of kidnapping a boy, raping him and then killing him.
It denounced the man who helped Israel as a "traitor."
The ministry said in a statement the families of the murder victims had refused to offer amnesty to the killers.
The executions were carried out "in accordance with our religion, rulings of the Palestinian law and in preserving the rights of citizens and achieving the security of the community", the statement said.
Since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, at least 11 prisoners have been executed and more than 30 death sentences have been handed down by the courts, including to numerous people charged with helping the Israeli security forces.
Hamas refuses to recognize Israel and its charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.
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