Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If only Hollywood would write this stuff

A woman in a burqa and two male accomplices murder 10 in a homicide bombing after a high-speed car chase through Herat Province in Afghanistan.  How is it that so many are misunderstanding the religion of peace?

From the Daily Mail April 10 by Eddie Wrenn  WARNING-Graphic images below and in the original article

Woman in burqa and two accomplices kill 10 in suicide attack in Afghanistan following police chase in rush hour

And the bloodshed continues thanks to Islam...

A suicide bomber led police on a chase in the middle of rush-hour traffic before blowing the vehicle up outside a government building in Afghanistan this morning.
The blast outside a government office, in Herat province, has killed at least 10 people and wounded nearly 30 others.
The explosion seemed aimed at killing people waiting at the gate of a district headquarters building, as people were waiting to go inside to see government officials about various business matters.
Two men and a woman wearing a burqa were found dead inside the vehicle, but officials could not say which of the three occupants detonated the explosives.
Raouf Ahmedi, a spokesman for the police commander of the western region of Afghanistan, said police in the area had received a tip that the black four-wheel-drive vehicle was loaded with explosives. 
Ahmedi said: 'They were chasing the car and tried to stop it.
'The vehicle then turned toward the district headquarters building and tried to pass the checkpoint, but police stopped them to be searched and asked where they were going.'
Moments later the vehicle exploded, causing a loud boom that could be heard a few miles away.
Ahmedi said 10 people were killed - three policemen who were guarding the district building and seven civilians.
He said twenty-seven others were wounded, including children.
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