Sunday, April 29, 2012

Egypt: Islamists rally to save the revolution

Uh, would this be the revolution they said they wanted no part of in the beginning?

How quickly the wolf changes fur.

From Ahramonline April 27 by Zeinab El Gundy

Islamists rally across Egypt to 'save the revolution'
Rallies organised by Islamist forces took place in a number of governorates across Egypt Friday to stress the importance of continuing the revolution and preventing old regime figures from reclaiming power.

Since the early morning, hundreds headed to the iconic Tahrir square. A number of banners demanding the continuation of the revolution and condemning military rule were hung around the square. Slogans include, “No elections under military rule,” “No constitution under military rule” and “No former regime icons for president.”

The April 6 movement told Reuters it would not take part in protests that pressed for demands of a single group or party and the turnout was a fraction of the previous week when tens on thousands took to the streets.

The Muslim Brotherhood organised a protest in Beheira governorate where around 3500 protesters chanted against presidential candidates Ahmed Shafiq and Amr Moussa due to their links to the old regime.

In Zagazig, the Brotherhood and other groups organised rallies that chanted against the SCAF and former regime candidates.

In Shabin El-Kom around 200 protesters joined a protest organised by one of the city’s largest mosques to protest the SCAF and former regime candidates.

Thousands of Islamists and Salafists gathered in Mansoura to demand the application of the Disenfranchisement Law, the dismissal of El-Ganzouri’s cabinet and the end of military rule. 
In Tanta and Mahalla hundreds from protesters from the Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Youth Movement, Kefaya and Kazeboon protested to demand the Disenfranchisement Law be applied against Mubarak regime figures.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Sohag governorate to demand the Disenfranchisement Law be applied to Moussa and Shafiq.

Islamists protested against military rule in Assiut but the protest was boycotted by non-Islamists who claimed the former hijacked such rallies for their own purposes.

An Islamist rally in Qena was also boycotted by non-Islamists.

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