Sunday, April 29, 2012

Norway: 69% rape increase in Oslo, 100% done by non-Westerners

A case of following the example of Muhammad, the "al-insan al-kamil" or perfect man whose behavior is to be emulated for all time by all Muslims.

Norway is not an exclusive example of Islam running rampant, but it is one of the most egregious in Europe.  And as long as the authorities refuse to identify Islamic teachings and texts as the main source of these disturbances, they will continue to increase.  More will suffer because it is not fashionable to point fingers at a religion, especially Islam.  To do that would make one a Islamophobe.

From Jihad Watch April 27 by Nicolai Sennels

Oslo; Norway: 69 percent increase in rapes (76 rapes in 91 days). Share of non-Westerners among 'attack-rapists': 100 percent.

...With 76 rapes during the first 91 days of 2012, the number of rapes in Oslo has increased by an alarming 69 percent compared to the same period last year. Translated from Norwegian by Nicolai Sennels, Aftenposten April 16: "Alarming rise in reported rapes in Oslo":
Last year, the number of reported rapes in the Norwegian capital rose by 30 percent. 2012 has only gotten worse.
- Overall, in the first quarter, there is an increase of 69 percent in reported rapes and attempted rapes. There are 27 more cases than in the same period last year.
Police Inspector Hanne Kristin Rohde does not like the stats she has extracted on sexual crimes in the Oslo police district.
- Very ugly numbers, she concludes.
- Is this a real increase, or are there others who choose to report rape?
- We do not know. But there has been a lot of talking about rape in the public, so we think that the increase is a result of people's willingness to report rapes to the police.
During this year's first 91 days, Oslo police have received reports on 76 rape cases, compared to 45 during the same period last year. The so called attack-rapes were included.
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