Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taxi Sharia in England

The passengers had booked the cab for 6pm to take them to a local restaurant.  They had a bottle of wine with them, as the restaurant was not licensed to sell alcohol but allowed patrons to bring their own..  When the cab driver found out they had the wine, he told them his religion prevented him from taking them as a fare.   "I am sorry but I can’t allow it in my cab – it’s against my religion" he said, and the ride was over.  Even though the cab company apologized this is another example of how sharia is creeping steadily, one jihadist at a time into non-Muslim cultures.  

From April 14 by Paul Broster


Adrian Cartwright, 46, booked the cab to take his wife and young daughter on a five-minute journey to an Indian restaurant for an early evening meal.
But he was left fuming when the private hire driver booted them out of the taxi after he spotted they had an unopened bottle of white wine.
Mr Cartwright later wrote about the incident in detail on Facebook – prompting the driver’s Asian-run taxi firm to sack him.
He said: “We all got inside the car and the driver said: ‘Is that alcohol?’ When I said ‘yes’ he replied: ‘I am sorry but I can’t allow it in my cab – it’s against my religion’.
“I knew it wasn’t worth arguing so we had to get out.”
He added: “The meal I had that evening was a Halal meal, whose methods I don’t agree with, but tolerate out of respect.
“I expect anyone offering a public service to do the same, and will be contacting the licensing department to suggest that the driver is politely asked to do so, or hand his badge back.”
Mr Cartwright complained to Borough Cars in Royton, near Oldham, Greater Manchester, and the self-employed cabbie was fired 30 minutes later.

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