Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Palestinian" activists planning airline "flytilla" on Israel will be greeted with a letter mocking their decision to protest Israel

Being a huge fan of sarcasm I greatly appreciate the sentiment behind the choice by Israel to make fun of the activists in letter form.  Sometimes the best way to make a point is to hold a mirror up to those who are most deserving of the mock, and see if they can grasp the self-reflective lesson.  In this case I think there will be little conversion to Israel's point of view, most of these jihad supporters are so deeply steeped in a hatred of Israel and Jews that no amount of fact, truth or humor will break through the wall of separation between reality and their waking fantasy.

Kudos to Israel for taking a different tack in dealing with those whom both directly and indirectly support its demise.

From the Jerusalem Post April 14 by Herb Kenon, Yaakov Lappin and Tovah Lazaroff

Israel to 'thank' fly-in activists in mocking letter
Pro-Palestinian activists arriving Sunday at Ben-Gurion Airport as part of the anti- Israel fly-in dubbed the “flytilla” will be greeted with a sarcastic letter noting that while they could have chosen to protest the brutality in Syria, Iran and Gaza, they opted instead to protest against the “Middle East’s sole democracy.”
“Dear activist,” starts the letter that will be translated into a number of different languages for the participants in an event formally being called “Welcome to Palestine.”
“We appreciate your choosing to make Israel the object of your humanitarian concerns,” the letter continues.
“We know there were many other worthy choices.”
Read it all, including the original letter from the Israeli government.

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