Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zero Hour in Sudan: Christians have until tonight (April 8) to either apply for citizenship or leave Sudan

Nothing says tolerance and human rights that religiously cleansing your country of those deemed un-Islamic.  Any religion that seeks to suppress or destroy another religion based on a fear of that other religion deserves no place at the pantheon of man.  Islam is that religion.

From Compass Direct April 6

Southern Sudanese Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

JUBA, South Sudan, April 6 (CDN) — Christians from South Sudan who have until Easter Sunday (April 8) to try to become citizens of Sudan or be deported fear authorities will use the occasion to rid the country of Christianity, church leaders said.

More than 500,000 citizens of southern ethnic origin who have been living in Sudan for decades – some of them born there – will be considered foreigners after Sunday. Human rights organizations have called on Khartoum to grant them more time to either leave or apply for citizenship.

Christian leaders expressed concern that local media such as the daily Al Intibaha newspaper have been stoking hatred against predominantly Christian southern Sudanese, describing them as “cancer cells in the body of Sudan, the land of the Arab and Islam,” and calling on the government to deport them.

“The local media are becoming very hostile toward us who are still in the north,” one Christian told Compass by phone on condition of anonymity.

Gov. Ahmad Abbass of Sennar state in central Sudan vowed to deport southern Sudanese from his state “without regret,” according to Alsahafa, an Arabic daily. Banners have appeared in Khartoum streets calling on the government and Muslims in general to harass and expel southern Sudanese, some of whom are also Muslims.  

“Why are they still here? The government should expel them from the country,” one banner asserts. 

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