Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Israel warns that Egypt more a threat than Iran, Egypt responds with sabre-rattling

The game of one-upmanship continues.  Israel comments on the dangers of a Islamic Egypt and they take it as an act of aggression.  The brink gets closer and closer while the US plays footsies with the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the Times of Israel April 21 by Elhanan Miller

Egypt’s military leader responds to Lieberman with threat of violence

n remarks apparently directed at Israel, Field Marshal Muhammad Hussein Tantawi, the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and the country’s de facto leader, threatened on Monday to thwart any foreign aggression against Egypt. He was speaking in the wake of reports, widely covered in the Egyptian media, that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has warned of an imminent military threat emanating from Egypt.
“Our borders are constantly burning, but we do not attack any neighboring country but only protect our borders,” Tantawi told Egyptian press during a live ammunition maneuver in the Sinai Peninsula titled “Nasr 7.” “If anyone comes close to Egypt’s border, we will break their leg. Therefore, our forces must be in a perpetual state of alert.”
A second senior military figure, Major General Muhammad Higazi, commander of Egypt’s Second Field Army, also issued a tacit threat, warning that potential aggressors should “reconsider before thinking of attacking any part of Egypt’s territory.”
In Jerusalem, the Foreign Ministry sought to calm the dispute. “Theforeign minister was interviewed today on two Israeli radio stations,” a spokesman said on Monday evening, “and he made it very clear that both sides have a clear interest in keeping the peace agreement.”
On Sunday, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported that Lieberman recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning him about a potential threat from Egypt and requesting that Israel’s southern command be reinforced by three military divisions. “The Egyptian issue is much more disturbing than the Iranian problem,” Lieberman was reported to have said during closed discussions on the topic.
Lieberman’s comments were prominently covered in Egyptian media on Monday, sparking condemnation from commentators and politicians.
Egypt’s Foreign Ministry asked the Israeli government on Monday to clarify the statements attributed to Lieberman.
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