Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does; American soldiers caught posing pictures using dead jihadist body parts

You would think Abu Graib would have taught the lesson that you DO NOT take pictures of you in uniform abusing your enemy.  If you are going to do that, make sure there is no evidence to implicate you.  YouTube is not the place to post your battle victories.

Now, more apologies, more grovelling and more genuflecting towards the East.

We are doomed.

From the New York Times April 18 by Thom Shanker and Graham Bowley

In Afghanistan Photos, G.I.’s Posed With Body Parts

WASHINGTON — A new revelation of young American soldiers caught on camera while defiling insurgents’ remains in Afghanistanhas intensified questions within the military community about whether fundamental discipline is breaking down given the nature and length of the war.

The photographs, published by The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, show more than a dozen soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division’s Fourth Brigade Combat Team, along with some Afghan security forces, posing with the severed hands and legs of Taliban attackers in Zabul Province in 2010. They seemed likely to further bruise an American-Afghan relationship that has been battered by crisis after crisis over the past year, even as the two governments are in the midst of negotiations over a long-term strategic agreement.
The images also add to a troubling list of cases — including Marines videotaped urinating on Taliban bodies, the burning of Korans, and the massacre of villagers attributed to a lone Army sergeant — that have cast American soldiers in the harshest possible light before the Afghan public. Accordingly, combat veterans and military analysts are beginning to look inside the catchall phrase “stress on the force” to identify factors that could be contributing to the breaches.
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