Friday, April 20, 2012

As Israel remembers the Holocaust, Iran insults Israel by publishing anti-semitic cartoons

Interestingly enough, I find the cartoons both insulting and in poor taste but do not feel as if I must now go out and kill in the name of Abraham and Moses.  We are told that Iran is not a threat to anyone, and that when they said the Jews must be eliminated, well that was our mistake; we took it out of context.  What Iran really means is that it is Zionism that needs to be wished into the cornfield, not Jews or Israel.  I feel so much better now, don't you?

Oh, and remember that Iran's nuclear program is for civilian power generation only.  Question; where is the infrastructure for that power grid?  Where are the transmission lines into cities, where are the distribution stations and local sub-stations, where are the miles of high-voltage lines that should be snaking across the desert by now?

Just askin...

From The Times of Israel April 18 by Sam Ser
Iranian cartoons mock Holocaust
While Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iran is playing Holocaust-denying cartoons on public television, Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday night.

The cartoons show Jews fabricating stories about the Nazis’ atrocities and 6 million Jewish deaths, and then exploiting the Holocaust to enrich themselves and displace the Arabs from Palestine.

Go to the link to see the cartoons. 

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